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Summing Up Parent Table

Using [appToolkit] you can create custom sub tables with numeric fields like Price. You may want to sum the values of the Price Field in the child table up to a total field in the parent table. In this example we want to sum the total price of all Automobiles attached to the current contact record. We call this Summing Up :

To sum up values from the child table to the parent table follow these steps:

Step 1.
Right click on the column header and select EDIT COLUMN from the popup menu.

Here we select the Automobile PRICE column. 


Step 2.
On the 'Edit Column' window you will find a Math Function section. 

Within 'Type' make a selection from the dropdown - here we've chosen 'Sum'. 

Select the field from the parent table to

Click OK to close the window.


Step 3.
Formula complete!

Now when you edit/alter any value in any child row you will see the sum in two locations. The first at the bottom of the PRICE COLUMN and the second in the Contacts. AutoTotal field on the Contact Details window.


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