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Math Syntax

The Math formula's use Visual Basic as the syntax language. 

If [FIELD_A] <> [FIELD_B ]Then
    Return "TRUE"
    Return "FALSE"
End If

Compares two fields, if the are different true is returned.  If you want to see if two fields are the same use = instead of <>

RETURN (DateAndTime.DateDiff(DateInterval.Minute, [FIELD_A] , [FIELD_B] ))/60
Will return the difference in hours between two date fields

Get's the attached contacts full name.  This is usefull for custom tables.  The first or last name can also be retreived by using .firstname or .lastname instead of .fullname

Messagebox.Show("Database= " + HostFramework.CurrentDatabase)
Get's the name of the current database.

Messagebox.Show("Entity Is New = "+ SubEntityForm.GetIsNew.Tostring())
For a custom table this will return true if the record was just created

Messagebox.Show("EntityManager = " + SubEntityForm.GetEntityManager.ManagedEntity.Name)
Get the custom table entity manager.

Messagebox.Show("Record Manager = " + Durkin.Common.Classes.CustomSubEntity.GetFieldDescriptorByANYString("record Manager",SubEntityForm.GetEntityManager).getvalue(SubEntityItem))
Get's the record manager of the custom table record

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