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Financial Functions

Impact suite supports all the financial functions in the Microsoft Financial class as described here:

Here is a quick example of a math formula

Dim Rate as Decimal = 6D
Dim NPer as Integer = 240
Dim PV as Decimal = 100000
Dim FV as Decimal = 0
Dim Due as Decimal = 1
Return Microsoft.VisualBasic.Financial.Pmt(Rate, NPer, PV, FV,Due) 

Here is another example

Dim N As Integer
Dim amt, rate As Double
amt = Val(Txt_loan.Text)
rate = (Val(Txt_Int.Text) / 100) / 12
N = Val(Txt_N.Text) * 12
Return  Pmt(rate, N, -amt, 0, 0)

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