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Duplicate a Custom Table

Many times you need to duplicate an existing custom table from one you have already designed. You may need an additional "Policy" table with the exact same fields. Rather then building this second table from scratch and manually adding each field you can duplicate an existing table with just a few clicks. Requires Impact Suite 5.1.05 or better.

The duplicate function has an options to copy all data from the original table into the new duplicated table. This is a great feature  hen you need to rename a table. You can duplicate the original table (with a new name) then delete the original source table. Duplicating a table may be required if your original table was created with a third party add-on which allowed space in the custom table name. Since Impact Suite uses the act! OLEDB2 SQL reader extensively we do not support spaces in table names. Renaming a table without spaces will be required when using Impact Suite..

Please follow these steps to duplicate a custom table.

  1. Open act and go to the TOOLS-> DEFINE CUSTOM TABLES menu
  2. Click the Duplicate Table link on the lower left side.
  3. From the drop down select the source table
  4. Enter your new table in the text box 
  5. Remove the check mark from "Copy All Data" if you only need to fields
  6. Click [Create]

You will see a progress bar as the new table and fields are created in your database.

If you have the the option "Copy All Data" checked you will see a second progress bar as each record is duplicated. If your source table has many records this progress bar may take a few minutes or longer to competed.

Once completed you will receive a dialog box.

Note - The system fields such as Created Date and Edit date will be set to the current date. The 'Record Creator' and 'Last Edited By' will be stamped with the current user.

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