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Color Rules

Color rules are designed to colorize records for rows that match a condition. Color rules can be based on text condition like the one below. In this color rule we are making all rows blue where the word "Triumph" appears in the MAKE column. 

Lets try a simple color rule like: "Make all the files that the Department = Sales highlighted in green"

1. First open the Color Rules window by selecting the Color Rules menu in Settings

2. Click on the Add button at the bottom of the rules window.
3. Enter the Rule Name at the top of the window. Lets enter Department = Sales

4. Change the column to Department
5. Change the Comparison popup to Contains.
6. Change the Date/Value(s)/Custom radio selector to Values(s)
7. Enter the value of Salesinto the Value 1 field.
8. Click on the color button near the bottom of the window  and select the color green from the color picker window. After you have closed the color picker window the color button will display the selected color.
9. Click on Save.

Now all you have to do is to close the rules window and click on the F5 key to refresh in the list. 

Color Rules
colorize all tasks in the list. Color rules can apply to multiple tasks like all 'Meeting' or to singular tasks like 'Details field = "Bring Projector" 

Color rules are designed to colorize rows or columns from your activities that match any number of conditions. Immediately, we see three keywords: we need to COLORIZE tasks FROM the list that matches a CONDITION. Hence we have the most basic Color Rule structure:

COLORIZE "ColumnName" FROM the TaskList Where x=ColumnValue" 

The COLORIZE keyword allows us to color one column or all columns such as Task Type, Regarding, Date, or location.  These columns are all available to you when you select Customize Columns.

COLOR *Columns* FROM the Task List   Where x=ColumnValue" 

Lastly, we want the color conditions. This is the 'Where' part of the select statement above.

For example, we may want to display the color Red where the type of activities are high priority. To do this, we use the Color Rules builder to create the condition.  The rule is built for you by selecting just three simple conditions.

1. The column to apply the rule to
2. The comparison operator
3. The value to compare.
4. The color to highlight

In the example of activities where priority is equal to 'High' would read like this.

1. Column = TaskType
2. Comparison = Equal 
3. Clause =
4. Color =

In a sentence this would read. Display all files with Red where the TaskType column contains a values of "High".

Color rules are applied alphabetically. To change the order add letters to the front of each rule

a. Color Rule yellow
b. Color Rule blue
c. Color rule green

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