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Sit back, watch a video

 Learn One feature in One minute.

Today's lesson: Simple math function

Simple Math 1 min. 
Add a simple math function.

Tab Positions 1 min. 
Arrange the tabs at the bottom of the view.

Sort multiple columns 1 min. 
Sort up to 4 columns / fields at the same time.

Move Panels 1 min. 
Move the panels on the bottom of the lists.

Change Font Size 1 min. 
Increase or descrease list view font size.

Activities 1 min. 
Display activities at the top of the form.

Column Totals 1 min. 
Column totals on any field in Act.

Calendar Side By Side 1 min.
Side by side views for user, type, or resources.

Parent/Contact Fields 1 min.
Place contact fields on custom forms. 

Saved Lookups 1 min.
Learn how to quickly apply saved lookups.

Filter Panels 1 min.
What do the panels at the bottom of the list do?

Date Range 1 min.
Change date ranges with one click.

Color Rules 1 min.
Colorize your world using Impact Suite.

Alternating Color Rows 1 min.
Apply alternating color to make lists easier to read!

 Cool tips and tricks in minutes.

Overview 2 min.
Quick overview on Impact Suite features.

Post to QuickBooks 2 min.
Learn how to post an opportunity to QuickBooks.

Tab Indicators 3 min.
Tab indicators to quickly view more details.

Tab controls 3 min.
Place a tab control on the contact details view.

Invoice Bundling 2 min.
One click to add multiple line items.

Smart Notes 8 min.
Create yellow sticky popup notes per contact.

Invoice Templates 4 min.
Create your own invoice templates.

Radius Mapping 2 min.
Lookup contact by geo-location.

  Using Word templates.

Microsoft Word Templates 4 min.
Learn how to create templates in

Opportunity Quotes 4 min.
Manager multiple templates for quotes or invoices.

Email as PDF   3 min.
Convert to PDF and email with one click.
Templates with lists 4 min.
Design and use templates with custom lists and totals.

 Opportunity enhancements

Math and Scripting 3 min.
Create advanced formulas for our business rules.
Line Item Calculations 6 min.
Line item calculations such as tax and/or commissions. 
Product Bundling  2 min.
Add multiple line items with one click!.
Templates with lists 4 min.
Generate documents with lists and totals

 Reporting included with Impact Suite

Autorun / Schedule 7 min.
Learn how your report can auto run. .

Report To Excel 10 min.
Export your report To Excel to further customize. 

Report Wizard 26 min.
Create a new report from scratch in minutes.

Report Designer 11 min.
Design reports in our robust Report Designer

 Custom tables, also included

What is a custom table? 14 min.
Learn how to create custom tables.
Hint: Mortgages, Policy, Loans, Projects, ect.

Parent Child Tables 4 min.
Add a child table to track progress. 

Data Entry Forms 28 min.
Create data forms using the Layout designer.

Templates with Custom Tables 4 min.
Learn how to create templates for custom tables.

 Before and after 1-minute videos
( Sorry, no audio. )

Custom tables 1 min.
Native Act versus custom tables.

Opportunity List 1 min.
Opportunity List view enhancements.

Contact List 1 min.
Native Act versus enhanced contact list view.

Dashboards 1 min.
Dashboards view enhancements.

Contact Details 1 min.
Contact Details view enhancements.

Activity List 1 min.
Activity List view enhancements.