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Tab Indicator

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The Tab Indicator for ACT! adds a visual indicator on the contact details tab pages when the specific tab has data or criteria condition has been matched. Such as when the contact has multiple opportunities the tab will display a "Green" indicator followed by the total opportunity count. 

Tabs included are the opportunity, activity, history, notes, documents, associations, secondary contacts and groups/companies. Users can select from six different indicator icons such as; green, yellow or red circle, blue "x", check box and plus sign styles.

Tab indicator options include six different indicator icons, display counts, criteria matching using the 'Advanced Contact Criteria" builder and counts by 'Open Opportunities' or 'Uncleared Activities". Using the native ACT! Advanced query build you can create conditions encompassing multiple fields of data.

Displays tab indicators when...

  • Key fields are blank or empty
  • Dates are in the past or future
  • If the contact has open opportunities or activities
  • Conditional criteria using the 'Advanced Query' builder

Key Features...
  • Supports all tabs in any layout
  • Create shared or local preferences
  • Supports custom tables created using Impact
  • Six different indicator styles and count totals

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