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History Buttons

Download addon for ACT!

The History Buttons Act! add-on adds new buttons on the history tab page. These button quickly record a history for the current contact using one click. 

Some example usage could be when you are doing cold-calling and need to record a history event that you left a message. This record history event can be set up to take only one button click.

To change the default settings and options please follow these steps:

  1. Download and install the add-on. 
  2. Restart Act!
  3. Go to the TOOLS menu and select HISTORY BUTTONS

Color - Set the button color. Very powerful when targeting using the mouse.

Text - Set the text of the button to be displayed at the top of the history tab. As highlighted with the arrows

Activity name - Set the name of the activity to record.

Results - Using this drop down selected the results of the activity which you are recording.

Open On Click - If this is checked then the 'Record History' form will come forward. If this is off then no form appears and the history is still recorded.

Here is the link to download:

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