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Projects On Timeline

The timeline view is accessible from the calendar view by clicking on the TIMELINE icon on the top toolbar. If you want to switchback to the schedule (calendar view) click the button again. The button toggles between "Timeline" and "Schedule"

If you want to switch back to the SCHEDULE view click the button again. The button toggles between "Timeline" and "Schedule"

Activities (Calls Meeting, To-dos)
By default with no project tracking installed the timeline view display all the selected appointments in the "TYPE" panel at the bottom of the timeline. If you turn on the Hide option then this TYPE panel will be grayed out so the users can not select any activity types.

Activities which are attached to a project or any other entity are native activities stored in the database These activities can be displayed in the task list view, on the calendar and on the timeline view (seen below). They will behave the same as any activity attached to any contact. 

Project Events
To display a project you need at least two date fields: Start date and End Date. Impact uses the tart and end date to display the project record on the calendar and timeline as seen below.

In the picture above the project records are grouped by a field named "Location." We selected this field in the group section of the Project Tracking section. Read more  

Editing Project Record
You can simple doubl-click on the prokect to open the data entry form. Since there are multiple data entry forms you can design you select the one to use on the Project Tracking Options window in section 4. Read More

To edit the project record follow these steps:
  1. Double-click on the desired project record
  2. The data entry form will open to make changes.
  3. Once you complete those changes click on the SAVE button

To modify the data entry form please read this help topic .

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