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Project Tracking

Project tracking refers to the management of projects which include time and resource management. Each project is unique and attached to a contact, company, group and/or opportunity. Projects such as a training class can be attached to multiple contacts (students attending the class) or in the case of a real estate transaction attached to one primary contact (the seller) and multiple categorized contacts such as seller attorney, mortgage company title company.

Impact Suite gives you tools to initiate, execute, track and close projects. The configuration of your project is unlimited ensuring management of all values, stages and utilization of resources whether they are human resources or physical resources.

Enabling project tracking creates a new custom table in your act! database named 'Projects'  The table is based on a template which can be heavily customized adding additional fields for values unique to your project needs.

To enable project tracking follow these steps:

  1. In ACT! with Impact Suite installed, go to the calendar view
  2. Click on the OPTIONS button on the top toolbar
  3. Click on the PROJECT tab on the lower left.
Now depending on whether you are adding a new project table or using an existing custom table follow these steps below.

Using an existing Custom Table
If you already have a custom table inside your database you would like to use as your project table follow these steps:
  1. Place a check mark in the "Turn 'Project Tracking' on.' 
  2. Using the drop-down select your desired table.
  3. Select the desired options from the drop down below.

Creating a new 'project table' ( With other existing custom tables installed)
If this database has other custom tables installed and you want to install a new 'project' table from the template follow these steps: Close this OPTIONS form. Go to the TOOLS menu and select IMPACT
  1. Click on the TEMPLATES tab on the left side
  2. Select your desired template such as the 'Project' template 
  3. Click on the "Install Selected Template" button
You will see a progress bar as the new table and templates are installed. This usually takes 1-2 minutes. When completed follow the steps in Using an existing Custom Table above.

Creating a new 'project table' ( First time custom table)

If you do not have any other custom tables in your database you can follow the steps below to install

  1. Click on the PROJECT tab on the left side. 
  2. Place a check mark in the "Turn 'Project Tracking' on."
  3. Click on the "Enable project tracking now' button.
You will see a progress bar as the new table and templates are installed. This usually takes 1-2 minutes.


When the installation of the project table is completed your form should look like this:

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