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Displaying In-Line Components

When you create a new custom table you can display this information almost anywhere on the contact details view.  By default when you add a custom table it creates a new tab at the end of the tabs. This default option always forces the list to fill the entire tab. You may want to have the list only fill half the tab or even display the lisy above the tabs next to the contact name.  For either of these solutions follow these steps:

  1. In ACT go to the TOOLS menu and select DESIGN LAYOUT -> CONTACT

  2. Click on the "Custom' toolbar in the upper right side.

    NOTE  * The first time after install Impact you need to add your new custom controls to the custom toolbox.
    To do this right click on the toolbox and select CUSTOMIZE from the popup menu.
    When the 'Customize Toolbox" window opens place a check mark in all the entries and click OK

  3. Select the "Impact Custom Tables' component

  4. Using the mouse drag a rectangle on the area you wish the component to reside.
    Pictured below we have dragged the PROJECTS table into the lower left corner of a tab named Projects.
    Note that you can now add addition contact field to the same tab page.

  5. You can add the component to the top section above and outside of a tab. This is very useful if you want the information to be top level. Otherwise if its on a tab the users will need to click to open the tab each time. Having the component at the top eliminates the extra mouse click

  6. Go to the FILE menu and select SAVE

As an added bonus you can add list from other native ACT tables such as activities, histories, notes and/or opportunities.

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