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Whats new

This page details what is new with each service patch for Impact Suite.

New in v7.1
Release build Impact Suite (build  and above

Impact reporting

    • FIXED: Impact Suite - When running reports the 'Impact Trial Mode' watermark would sometimes appear.
    • FIXED: Impact Report Designer- When running reports the 'Impact Trial Mode' watermark would sometimes appear.


Release build Impact Suite (build  and above

Impact Tables for the web

    • Numerous updates to Impact Suite for APFW
    • Support for Act! v18.1
    • User desktop preferences are now carried to the web. You can on/off custom tables in the desktop these preferences also stick on the web.


Cascading Drop down
    • Cascading drop downs let you pick fields to narrow down entries from another table and insert those fields into the current table. 
      This works well for picking make and model for cars or an item that is sold by a company.
    • Cascading drop down Help Topic


User Interface
    • Added an option to hide the TimeLine tab
    • Added a Last File Used link to the import engine. (Allows users to quickly select the last file from the last Import run)

    • Pie charts now support exploded views
    • Added option to display value in legend
    • Added option to display percentage in legend
    • Added option to allow rotation
    • Added option to allow zooming and scroll functionality
    • External SQL commands now support the ACT ACTOLEDB2.1 reader
    • Client-side data shaping operations (grouping, sorting and aggregation) execute faster than previous versions of the Dashboard.

Geo-coding ( Radius Lookup)
    • SIMPLIFIED the installation of Geo-codes from the navigation bar.


Performance and Speed Increase
    • 7.1 is 64 bit 
    • Tighter coupling with the ACT SDK custom table architecture


Data Entry
    • Changed the refresh MATH button to REFRESH ALL on the data entry form
    • Added a SAVE button control. ( Previously you need to user the SAVE and CLOSE, this new button gives the users the ability to just SAVE without closing)


Impact Tables for the web
    • FIXED: Serial Numbers were being kicked back as not being registered when users unplugged laptops from the network. 

    • FIXED Tab indicators was not saving its preferences. This was because the user was not an ADMIN or Manager and they had shared preferences ON. All Tab preferences are USER preferences and are NOT shared

    • FIXED When the option to track activities into a project ( ie custom table) was ON the 'Select Record" fowm was opening before the activity was displayed AND after the activity was closes. It ow only opens BEFORE the activity is displayed.

    • Fixed an issue when syncing the remote database.

    • FIXED an issue where the memo field on custom activity data entry forms was not saving true RTF values

    • FIXED an issue with the dashboard 'list view' where under certain conditions it was not holding the sort order.

    • FIXED the default values of custom fields using values from Contacts was not working. This has been fixed.

    • FIXED  When the users click on the 'CONVERT TO PDF" button on the documents tab in the opportunity details view nothing would happen. 


New in v7
Release build Impact Suite ( build 7.0.03)  and above

Support for Act! 2018, Office 365 and Windows 10

    • Support for Act! v18 , Office 365 and Windows 10
    • Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge

Subscription Pricing 

    • Month by Month
    • Yearly subscription discount 
    • License plus yearly  

Impact Tables for the web 

    • ie compatibility setting
    • More components and controls 


    • Added a second calendar for side-by-side calendars
    • Display month and week views at the same time 

Custom Tables  

    • Added dynamic filtering by current lookup
    • Dynamic fletering support : contact, company, group 
           and oppportunity lookups. 

Smart Notes  

    • Smart notes based on conditions
    • One time sticky notes per record 
    • Support for multiple monitors 

Tab Indicator  

    • Place icons on each tab on the details views
    • Show record totals on each tab 
    • supports all type of tabs including custom tables

Interface Enhancements  

    • History Buttons to quickly record specific types
    • Run all math functions button 


    • Post invoices directly into QuickBooks 
    • Supports all Windows based QuickBooks applications 
    • Automate repetitive QuickBooks accounting tasks

New in v6.1
Service Patch 1 build Impact Suite ( build 6.1.010)  and above

Support for Act! 17

    • Support for the new look and feel in Act! v17 (New icons!)
    • Faster loading time on startup
    • Preview panels on all custom tabs


New in v6
Service Patch 1 build Impact Suite ( build 6.0.010)  and above

Support for Act! 17

    • Support for the new look and feel in Act! v17 (New icons!)
    • Faster loading time on startup
    • Preview panels on all custom tabs

Act’s native details view 

    • Added container controls such as Tab pages and panels
    • Added a “Goto” button to look up and record in any custom table
    • Timeline enhancements ( v17 only)

List views 

    • In-line editing on ALL list views
    • Unified select statement – 8x faster refreshes
    • Simplified toolbar with ‘Options’ dropdown on the far right side
    • Opportunity – Convert to project (custom table)
    • Activities – Custom field calculations ( Used for QB posting)


    • New ‘Lockdown mode’.
         In lock-down mode users cannot change preferences but still add, modify and delete records.
    • Activate and Deactivate
      Allows users to move and/or re register licenses 

Navigation Bar 

    • Radius filtering by distance and conditions such as “ID/Status = “Lead”
    • Radius range can be adjusted. Was 0 to 100 now can be 1 to 500.
    • Right-click now removes multiple previous and favorites.


    • Ability to create a new field in the importer. / denormalization / attach to multiple entities
    • New options when the parent record is not found such as Contact, Company, Group or Opportunity

Data entry designer 

    • Added widgets to simplify adding controls
    • Controls support themes such as Metro and Windows 10 look and feel


New in v5
Service Patch 1 build Impact Suite ( build  and above

Support for Act! 16.1

    • Added support for the new add-on manager
    • Added the new e-Marketing shortcut
    • Added the new Marketplace shortcut.


  • Project Tracking
    • Automatically adds the required tables when turning on "Project Tracking" Read more
    • Totals custom fields such as 'travel time' or ' billable hours'
    • Ability to display projects on the timeline view. Read more
    • Option to hide the projects on the standard schedule form while still displaying on the timeline. Read more
    • Group by any character field in the project table such as record manager or category.  Read more
    • Select a customized data entry form for the project record. Read more
    • New indicators when the project range exceeds the visual timeline. Read more
  • Math Functions
    • Added the ability to run formulas when opening and closing the form Read more
    • Added the ability to run formulas when changing act! records
    • Added the ability to run from the Windows Scheduler
    • Enhanced performance when using multiple math formulas.
    • Added option to calculate activity totals when the activity list is added to a custom table.

  • Designer enhancement
    • New! - Cascading drop downs control. Read More
    • New! - Panel control with sub totals.  Read more
    • Groupbox clear buttons.  Read more
    • Added a button to lookup contact, companies, groups and opportunities. Read more
    • Added 'Spell as you type' checking to the memo control Read more
    • Group boxes and panels controls option to show a button to clear the controls on it 
    • Look up controls for contact, company, group and opportunity on the custom tables.
    • Customizable Toolbar on child custom tables 
    • Re-organized the toolbox buttons on the top toolbar
    • New child table options when adding new records:  Attach Current Contact, Attact Parent Contacts, Attach No Contact, Pick from Contacts Attached, Pick from All Contacts

  • List Views
    • Added the ability to open multiple records at the same time.
    • Added the option to highlight columns from the parent tables
    • Added the ability to customize column captions without altering the field names in the database
    • Task List only - Added ability to reschedule tasks with keyboard shortcuts 
    • Added a 'virtual mode' switch for faster refresh with very large lists.
    • The A-Z navigation is now part of the "Touch Scroll (Windows 8)" preferences
    • Added a right-click menu option to assign the record managers and other values
    • Added a "Lookup All" button to the find panel.
    • Added the ability to only display active uses ( hides inactive users)
    • Added the ability to display the unique record ID such as; ContactID, CompanyID, GroupID and OpportunityID

  • Act! Data entry 
    • New memo control for contact, company, group and opportunity detail views Read more
    • Memo control with spell checking Read more
    • Redesigned act! entity picker now remembers last filter and current look up criteria

  • Document Engine
    • Added the ability to run a report from the 'Create Document' form. 
    • Document engine now supports templates created with the Impact Report Designer (*.repx)

  • Opportunities
    • Auto add contacts when creating a custom table record from opportunities
    • Add picture fields to the invoice templates
    • Added the 'Process' on the custom filters panels at the bottom of the list view

  • Import improvements
    • Import_date stamped automatically
    • Connect to all found setting

  • Report
    • Redesigned "Run Report" window. 
    • Added option to Run Report inside act! or external process. 
      Note - External processes are sometimes required due to network privilege setting.
    • Three run-time criteria modes; editable, default and append.
    • New 'Expression Editor' on the query builder expression column.
    • New 'Sub Query' builder/editor
    • Outlook support in the auto run feature
    • Run reports from act! views. Added an option to display the report in each act! view such as contact, companies and opportunities. (See Document Engine above)
    • Option to show/hide the details band
    • New feature to import Crystal Reports
    • Enhanced "Run Report' options allowing designers to limit the criteria options at run time.

  • Start up query
    • Added the ability to filter the contact list at start up based a query named "Startup.QRY" Read more 

  • Syncing
    • Syncing between master and remote databases is now automatic
  • Custom Tables
    • New! Duplicate a custom table; structure or structure and data.
    • Support for multi-Monitors when editing custom table records


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