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Table Designer

The best place to start adding your first custom table is by using one of the pre-defined templates. These templates contain some basic fields. You can add additional fields or alter the existing field from the template after it is added to the database. For the purpose of this manual we will create our table directly from a template:

1. Go to the TOOLS menu and select DEFINE CUSTOM TABLES
3. Give your new table a name.
4. Click on the SAVE button, a progress bar will display the process of adding the table and the fields.
5. When completed you will be notified with a small dialog box. Click OK to close.

Templates aren't the only way to create a table
You can easily create a table from a template but you can also create a new (Blank) table and add all your own fields. Here are some ways to add new custom tables.
1) Using one of our pre-defined templates
2) From an existing ACT! table like Contacts or Activities
3) From a template supplied to you from a consultant
4) Empty table where you add all your own fields "(Blank)"

Templates provide a great starting point for your table designs
We have pre-defined many templates for many different industries but you are the ultimate decision maker of what data you need to capture. We suggest starting out with a template to get the basics in place - but adding additional fields required by you and or your company. If you are working with a consultant they can also provide you with a custom template. Remember, you can always go back and add more fields at any time in the future.

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