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Opportunity List Plus

Q: Have you ever wanted to subtotal your opportunities by status, stage or manager?
Q: Do you waste valuable time toggling to get contact information? 
Q: And, have you ever wished to display all the products or services in the list?

Then Opportunity List Plus addon for ACT! is for you — a productivity addon that extends and enhances ACT's native opportunity view — delivers those and many other benefits. Offering a familiar, easy-to-use interface, this ACT! addon tool delivers robust features and functionalities you can't enjoy with ACT's native opportunity view.  This opportunity, sales and project tracking management addon for ACT! is a must have for any power user.

Opportunity List Plus addon for ACT! is embedded inside ACT!'s easy-to-use interface, so there’s no need to run multiple applications or launch external programs. Once installed it seamlessly updates the opportunity list with a new set of can’t-live-without features including a new toolbar. Our addon toolbar becomes part of the interface and enables several new functions: reorder columns, develop your own color coding, edit without reopening contact files and more. 

Easy To Use ACT Addons

• Add and track ACT!'s activities or activity series for each opportunity as a project management tool.
• View percentage of activities completed by count and cumulative days/hours/minutes.
• Display ACT! fields from the contact record. You can select unlimited number of contact fields.
• Group by fields such as state or country, payment method, record manager or any selected field.
• See your entire notes/details text field not just a little 'icon' representation.
• Redesigned ‘Edit Opportunity’ window allows you greater flexibility and customization.
• New tabs for; Bill to/Ship to information and activities attached to the opportunity.
• Use color to highlight any opportunity such as sales over a dollar amount, all sales to a customer or specific manager.
• Add colors based on text such as ‘send RFP,’ ‘follow-up,’ ‘whitening,’ ‘oil change,’ ‘take X-ray,’ etc.

Greater Convenience

• Create reports right from the list. No need to wait to print a report in ACT!.
• See subtotals for any group/subset for ‘on the fly’ calculations and reporting.
• Export to Excel with one click using pre-designed column layouts/export maps.
• Make all opportunity information viewable and printable.

Increased Efficiency

• Eliminate steps while making greater use of the ACT! opportunity list.
• Instantly filter by any field using our unique filter row at the top of the list.
• Quickly view, print or export data directly from ACT!.

More Flexibility

• Eliminate steps while making greater use of the ACT! opportunity list.
• Automatic re-numbering when you add or subtract an products or services.
• Personalize printing with larger fonts, additional fields like "cell phone,” color coding, etc.
• Merge Contact/Opportunity/Company/Groups fields onto your templates using Verb.
• Quickly access multiple ACT! templates such as invoice, quote or project reports.

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