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Group List Plus

This group list management add-on for ACT! is a must have for any power user.  Without leaving the group list view, you can add color, make calculations, change the order of columns, group contacts and export the list directly to Word or Excel or XML or HTML files. You can also export the list to Excel with color—with one click. The module is embedded inside ACT!'s easy-to-use interface, so there’s no need to run multiple applications or launch external programs. Once installed you will wonder how you got along without it.

Download and install this add-on if you are looking for powerful features such as: 

  • Add colors based on text such as ‘Send Quote,’ ‘Sales Leads,’ ‘State=”New York” etc.
  • Quickly access your previously saved lookups in the Lookup Rules Manager window
  • Instantly filter any column using our unique filter row at the top of the list
  • Group and subtotal by any field such as; State, Id/Status or Sales Totals
  • Math functions display totals, counts, average, minimum & maximum and counts
  • Design multiple column sets and snap between them for exporting.
  • Read your entire notes/details text field not just a little 'icon' representation.

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