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Automobile Restoration

Using Impact you can create your own custom Automobile Tracking view! Creating your own view brings you more flexibility and allows you to design your own data-entry forms.

Installing our “Automobile Restoration and Billing” template allows you to get up to speed in minutes. This template can be customized to fit your data-entry needs at any time today or in the future. Because we are adding table into the ACT database you may want to install this template in a non production database such as the ACT Demo database.

To install the template:
  1. Restart ACT!
  2. Go to the TOOLS menu and select  IMPACT
  3. Click on the TEMPLATE tab on the left side
  4. On the list select “Automobile Restoration and Billing” 
  5. Click on the INSTALL SELECTED TEMPLATE button.

This action will install custom tables into your Act database named “Automobile” and “Time Billed”
From the left side navigation in ACT you can now select your AUTOMOBILE VIEW  by folowing these steps:


To display these events onto your act! calendar read this help topic 

Now navigate to your calendar you will see the events displayed. To view any event just double-click on the event name and the event data-entry form will open.


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