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Table Report

Home > Report Designer > Report Types > Table Report

Table Report

A Table Report represents information in tabular form. This information can be stored in a report's datasource, which is usually not hierarchical and contains only one data table.

Table Reports should not be confused with hierarchical master-detail reports, nor with cross-tab reports.

The following image illustrates a typical Table Report.

To create a Table Report, consider the following best practices.

For more details about creating Table Reports at design-time, see Table.

Runtime Specifics

  • Modifying the XRTable.Rows and XRTableRow.Cells collections at runtime should be always performed after calling the XRTable.BeginInit and before calling the XRTable.EndInit methods.
  • You are always required to set a correct width to an XRTable object, since adding rows and cells to it at runtime does not change the table size.
  • The height of a table should be explicitly specified only if cells' content is not expected to stretch the cells (e.g., this may happen when their XRTableCell.CanGrow property is enabled).
  • When creating large tables in code, you can increase the report generator performance by setting the XRTableCell.Weight property to 1 for all table cells. 

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