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Reusable Reports of Any Type: DevExpress XtraReports

Reusable Reports of Any Type

The Report Designer provides all tools that may be necessary to create professional cross-platform reports of virtually any type, including hierarchical master-detail reports, table and multi-column reports, as well as interactive drill-down and drill-through reports.

Help Topic: Report Types

Mail Merge and Rich Text Reports: DevExpress XtraReports

Mail Merge and Rich Text Reports

The Report Designer allows you to create mail merge reports by embedding data field placeholders into a rich text control's content.

Help Topic: Embedded Fields (Mail Merge) | Help Topic: Rich Text

Master-Detail Reports and Sub-Reports: DevExpress XtraReports

Master-Detail Reports and Sub-Reports

With the Report Designer , you can choose between two approaches to creating master-detail reports: by creating a hierarchy of nested Detail Report Bands or by using the XRSubreport control to show separate detail reports within a master report.

Help Topic: Master-Detail Report

Table and Multi-Column Reports: DevExpress XtraReports

Table and Multi-Column Reports

The Report Designer allows you to create tables and newspaper-style multi-column reports with ease.

Help Topic: Table Report | Help Topic: Multi-Column Report

Product Labels and Employee Badges: DevExpress XtraReports

Product Labels and Employee Badges

With over 1500 supported Label types, our Report Wizard becomes an indispensable tool to produce labels and badges of various kinds.

Help Topic: Labels

Cross-Tab and Charted Reports: DevExpress XtraReports

Cross-Tab and Charted Reports

Our reporting tool provides sophisticated controls to embed pivot tables and charts of numerous types into your reports.

Help Topic: Cross-Tab Report | Help Topic: Using Report Elements - Chart

Side-by-Side Reports and Report Merging: DevExpress XtraReports

Side-by-Side Reports and Report Merging

You can present data from different reports side-by-side, as well as merge multiple reports into a single document, while preserving their original page settings.

Help Topic: Side-by-Side Reports | Help Topic: Combining Reports

Parametrized Reports: DevExpress XtraReports

Parametrized Reports

As a powerful extension to the lookup capabilities of the Impact Suite, report parameters allow you to create the most complex reports without writing a single line of code.

Help Topic: Using Report Parameters

Interactive Reports: DevExpress XtraReports

Interactive Reports

Using special events, you can easily provide interactivity to your reports, e.g., create drill-down and drill-through reports; as well as allow your end-users to manipulate reports directly in Print Preview.

Help Topic: Drill-Down Report | Help Topic: Drill-Through Report

Support for Barcodes: DevExpress XtraReports

Support for Barcodes

The Report Designer supports the most popular barcode types available on the market.

Help Topic: Barcode

Extended Data Shaping and Manipulation Tools: DevExpress XtraReports

Extended Data Shaping and Manipulation Tools

Report Designer provides powerful instruments for multi-level filtering, grouping and sorting of data. You can easily calculate either a pre-defined, or a custom summary function (transferable to scripts, which helps deliver this functionality to the End-User Designer), create calculated fields (to pre-process your data) and define report parameters (to create variable reports based on user-defined, dynamic or hard-wired values).

Help Topic: Shaping Data

Friendly Design Time: DevExpress XtraReports

Friendly Design Time

The Report Designer is completely integrated into the ACT! Data dictionary. No need to teach itm anything.  The Report Designer provides special panels that make the process of data binding, managing a report's structure and data grouping/sorting as easy as possible.

Help Topic: Design-Time Features

Multiple Exporting Formats: DevExpress XtraReports

Multiple Exporting Formats

Report Designer supports exporting to PDF, HTML, MHT, RTF, TXT, CSV, XPS, Microsoft Excel (both XLS and XLSX) and image (BMP, EMF, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF and WMF). For each export format, numerous specific export options are available.

Help Topic: Exporting

Versatile Print Preview: DevExpress XtraReports

Versatile Print Preview

Report Designer provides an integral and sophisticated Print Preview to preview your report documents, print and export them. Our Print Preview provides a user interface for displaying a report document map (for easier navigation through complex reports) and modifying report parameter values (for dynamic manipulating with reports). The capability of complete Print Preview customization is also available.

Help Topic: Print Preview

Document Map in Print Preview: DevExpress XtraReports

Document Map in Print Preview

In Print Preview, you can simplify the navigation through complex and hierarchical reports by utilizing a Document Map that shows the hierarchy of report bookmarks in a tree-like form.


Powerful End-User Designer: DevExpress XtraReports

Powerful End-User Designer

Report Designer provides an intuitive, easy-to-use, powerful and extremely functional Report Designer for Windows Forms.

Help Topic: End-User Reporting

In-Depth Appearance and Look-and-Feel Customization: DevExpress XtraReports

In-Depth Appearance and Look-and-Feel Customization

With Report Designer, you can create complex styles to precisely control the look-and-feel of a report. You can even apply them conditionally to reflect certain states (for instance, even and odd styles for rows). Moreover, using conditional formatting, you can customize the appearance of any report element based on complex logical conditions such as cleared activities font strrike-thru.

Help Topic: Appearance Customization

Complete Localization: DevExpress XtraReports

Complete Localization

Report Designer supports the localization of every interface element, including the End-User Report Designer. Both imperial (inches) and metric (centimeters) units of measurement are supported; you can switch between these measuring systems in an entire report by switching a single property.

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