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Filters and Finding

While ACT! has some powerful tools for doing advanced lookups our addons take it a step further.  We've added two 'finding' features into ACT! interface. Filter Builder:The first is Intelli-Find used to find Contacts, Goups or Companies based on one simple window. The second is Filter Builder used to build advanced queries against the custom tables. It supports multiple conditions, saving queries and real time responses. 

To open the filter panel:
Click on the Headers button on the top toolbar and click on Filter ( Shown Below)

To use the Filter Panel

1. Select Fields - Use this drop-down to select the ACT! field to filter on Make.

2. Comparison Selector - Use this drop-down to select the comparison operator e.g. "Contains" or "Starts With"

3. Enter Filter Text - Use this drop-down to enter the filter text e.g. "Chevy"

4. Show Fields - This option uses values in a second field to be compared to the first.
Rather than using the value from 3. Enter Filter Text, this 0ption will use the value from a second field. "Does FieldA contain value from FieldB?"

5. Invert Criteria - Use this option to invert the filter criteria e.g. "Show me all cars that do not contain "Chevy"

6. Add Criteria - Use this option to add additional criteria line(s). "Show me all cars where the Make contains 'Chevy' and the Make contains 'Ford'.

7. Remove Criteria - Use this option to remove additional criteria.

Use the Find Panel

The Find Panel will find all occurrences of a word in the current list view.

1. Type in the box the text to search
2. Click Find or Enter 
3. Click clear to the clear the search and start a new one

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