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Calendar - Color Rules

Color rules are designed to colorize records for rows that match a condition. Color rules can be based on text condition like the one below. In this color rule we are making all rows blue where the word "Triumph" apears in the MAKE column.


When Apply color rules to task list is checked the calendar color rules will over be used for task, instead of the current task list color rules.

New Color Rule
1. Click the Add button to insert a new untitled color rule
2. Give the rule a unique name
3. Set what column the condition will match against and the type of comparison
4. Select the date or value the column should match against
5. If you want the whole row to be colored check the aplly color entire row, if not uncheck it and select the column that will be colored
6. Select the color of the rule
7. Clicking more options will give options for style, gradient and font

Delete Color Rule
1. Highlight the rule
2. Click the Remove button

To learn more on how color rules are created click

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