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The Data tab lets you edit and create data entry forms and edit and create fields for the table.

Data Entry Forms
The Create Form button will create a a new data entry out.  It will ask for the form name and then create it.
The Modify Form button will open the selected form in the designer to make changes.  For more information on the designer click here.
The Remove Form button will delete the selected form.
The Duplicate Form button will make a copy of the selected form.
The Set as Default button will make the selected form the form that opens when a record is entered or edited.

Data Entry Fields
The Create Field button will create a new field.  For more information click here.
The Modify Field button will edit a field.  For more information click here.
The Remove Field button will delete a field.  For more information click here.
The Field Security button will set permission to edit or view the field.  For more information click here.

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