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Custom Tables

What is a custom table?


A custom table is a two-dimensional arrangement of rows and fields stored in the ACT! database. You define a table with a table name,  such as "Automobile Data", and a set of fields. Fields are displayed as text-boxes on data-entry windows and are called columns when displayed on a list.  You give each field a unique name, such as "Color", "Make", and "Model"; and a datatype, such as CHARACTER, DATE, or NUMBER. The width can be predetermined by the datatype, e.g. DATE fields are always 8 places wide:  "12345678". A row is a collection of column information, which creates a single record.  Rows are displayed on on top of each other, creating a list.

The list below has three rows. Each row is divided into four fields represented by the columns.  To learn how to add a custom table please see: Add a Custom Table

You can think of the List as similar to ACT!'s Activity feature.  There you can create an Activity attached to specific contact(s) and you can also display a list of all the activities attached to all contacts. Similarly, each Automobile can be attached to specific contact(s) and you can display a complete list of all Automobiles in the database.

ACT! allows you to create an new activity by opening the 'Edit Activity' window.  Durkin Toolkit also provides the end-user with a 'edit custom table' window. Below is the edit window for the Automobile table. If we add new fields to the table above, we could also add these fields to the edit window below. The window has a designer to allow the end-user to move any field on or off this edit window. To learn how to design your edit window please see:
Toolkit Designer


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