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Attach Contacts

This control allows you to select which CONTACT the record in the custom table is attached to. You can use this control to add fields from the contact table onto the data entry form such as city, state or zip. This control by default displays the contact name but can be set to any other field. You can add multiple controls to display multiple fields at the same time such as the address on the attached contact.

To add one of these controls open the form in the designer and follow these steps:

  1. Click on the "Parent-Child icon on the top toolbar
  2. From the TOOLBOX list on the left side select your desired entity
  3. Drag the control onto the form
  4. Use the PROPERTIES panel set your desired options

In the picture below we added four additional field using the same steps as above. Each time we added the control we changes the property to display different fields from the contact table.

  1. Using the mouse select the control.
  2. On the left side use the properties panel to change your desired options

There are two buttons on the right side of the control. These button action are:
Hyperlink Button - Forces act! to display the attached contact on the contact details view behind the data entry form.

Lookup Button - Opens the Entity Picker to select the contacts to attach to the current record.

In the properties panel these options are available:

ACT Field: The field to display in the control

ACT Table Display: The display order if there are multiple contact attached.

ACT Table Order:The order of the field being displayed if multiple contacts are attached.

Open Picker Company Contact: Option to open the entity picker for the companies attached to the current contact
( Only available when using the Company Control)

Open Picker Empty:  When the Lookup Button is clicked which opens the contact picker  this options set if the attached contacts are pre-selected. When TRUE no contacts are pre-selected.

Show Button: Is the Lookup Button visible ( For fields such as address you may ant this option FALSE)

Show Contact and Company: Does the text box display the contact name and the company name. "Chris Huffman [CH TechONE]"

Show Nav Button: Is the Hyperlink button visible ( For fields such as address you may ant this option FALSE)

Tooltip: Display a tool tip wen the mouse hovers over the control. This can be useful for training and verification of data entry requirements.

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