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  What's new in v11
  (March 23 v11.0.1.35)
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New features in v11
• Compiled for 64 bit compatibility with Act 24.
• Installer is now 32/64 bit aware
• One installer for all version of ACT!
• Supports 2018 (v20), 2019 (v21), 2020 (v22), 2021 (v23), 2022 (v24).
• Added recalculation of all math functions   on the Products line items on opportunities.
• The ability to stamp any contact date field when an activity is closed.
• 4 additional ACTION buttons on the HISTORY tab
• Display dynamic membership on the groups tab
• You can add any contact field to the Products list view.
• Impact's backup now handles 'File in Use' better.

Minor Fixes
• The MS Word ReadOnly issue when merging a template.
• The MS Word issue when merging a memo field not applying the carriage return.
• The MS Word issue where parent fields where not being populated.

Minor Fixes (
•Some fields on Word templates were not merging. This has been fixed.

Minor Fixes (
• When using the filter row on a column from a parent table the filter was not working.
• When saving a report the system would lock up if any file in the ReportsX folder were open.
• The history details was not formatting correctly in the list view under some conditions..
• Users can now 'Edit' existing histories but the system will stamp today's date as the created date.
• When creating a new Activity from the opportunity view the regarding field is populated with the current opportunity name.
• When using a 24 hour clock selecting 10:00 from the dropdown would use 22:00 if it was past 12:00 the OS was on 24 hours. .

Minor Fixes (
• Increased startup speed issue with Act's "license.daysOffline.txt" file.
• Increased speed with tables with large number of custom fields
• The list view will now highlight a column is its used in the current lookup. It will also ADD the column if it’s not being displayed.
• DevExpress error please turn off TOOLS->MANAGE ADD-ONS then remove the check mark from Tables4Act and restart Act
• When generating list on a Word Template the Notes fields where showing the RTF codes. It now displays the notes without formatting.
• When merging Word templates the Memo fields in Notes and Histories where showing the RTF codes. .
• When using the MATH function on a child table the drop down was not displaying all the fields from the parent table.
• Added a custom controls named "Date Label" This control will display multiple date. Time formats on the details view. Used when you need to see the TIME value of a read only field such as Created Date
• Report now uses an array for page breaks when sending emails.
• Impact now HIDES the bottom tab if no tab is visible
• You can add a single line Contact Dropdown which only displays contacts attached to the opportunity
• The PRINT button on the data entry forms designer now supports reports!
• When sending emails via an autorun option the page breaks where sometimes wrong

Minor Fixes
• When editing a custom table record in the details view the record was blank.
• In the activity list: a parent column is the hot link to the custom table the hot link was not opening the record
• On the 'Record History' the default font is now Times New Roman.
• Support for older version of ACT using RTF vs HTML in memo fields
• When adding a contact or company field to the opportunity details view the fields were not refreshing correctly
• On first opening ACT the opportunity list on the contact details view was not sorting correctly
• In v 24 the STATUS check boxes at the bottom of the Opportunity List where not working ( Open, Closed - Won, ect)
• The default font when recording a history is now Arial 10

Minor Fixes (
• When opening the ABOUT form users would get a "Object variable" message.
• Under some conditions the CONTACT ID and or OPPORTUNITY ID columns were blank on the list view.
• If a custom table list on the contact view was sorted by a system field when the user edited the record is was blank.
• Custom Contact layout component. Activities, History and Notes list when above the fold where blank

Minor Fixes (
• Report form button "View Raw Data" was empty.
• Math functions in 64 bit mode
• Duplicating an opportunity the Products are now duplicated.
• Color rule font size was not saving.
• Report Runner Standalone now opens the About/Preference
• When using the 'Recalc' button the products form sometimes the values were not being updated in the text boxes.
• Document templates were not opening to edit
• The ContactID field was not populating in the History List View
• The history buttons were duplicating.

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  What's new in v10
  (April 2021 v10.0.2.14)
Features in
• Speed! New technology powers faster lookups
• Improved startup speed in users' custom NavBar was being drawn
• Polish! Performance and usability optimized throughout
• Lookup Criteria now also saved in Enhanced Lists
• Lookup Row delivers the fastest, easiest searches in Act
• Zoom in or out on enhanced lists using mouse or keyboard
• Single click Enhanced button toggles between Act and Impact
• Child table features and functionality now matches parent tables
• Opportunity Product math now automatic
• New Run Math button on the data entry form
• Math wizard simplifies formulas
• Simplified searches with Today/Yesterday/Past/Future
• One-step add or remove contacts in multiple opportunities
• Visual Basic to CSharp converter tool. learn more
• Sub Reports can be on a detail row or page footer
• Enhanced list "Options" dropdown simplified
• Added 'Follow up' button to 'Record History with timer'
• Editing products uses the field decimal size rather then the default
• Now performs math to multiple child records as added
• Now set the default font for Memo fields in the layout designer when a new record is created, without changing the font on preciously created records
• Added a new report property LockCriteria allowing the user to lock the WHERE clause so it can not be adjusted when running the report
• Print button on the data entry form
• Clearing an activity using the 'Cleared Check box' column now brings forward the "Clear Activity' form
• When opening/designing a report, window now opens maximized

Features in
• Tab Switcher control wizard in the data entry form designer.
• "Convert to PDF" now supports MS Word PDF formatting.
• Math functions compiled quicker after changing a value in any field.
• Faster refresh on the Opportunity when a column with a total row and more than 5,000 active opportunities.

Features in table web
• The contact and company fields are hot linked for easier navigation.
• The contact tab custom list view is now aligned to the top of the tab.
  Fixes in
• Math formulas was not running against the current lookup
• Custom table allows the user to select which entities to attach.
• On the History list view there is now an ENHANCED button
• When selected a saved query the layout was not loading
• Added support for SSL encryption send reports via SMTP
• Updated all the reports to support the new HTML formatting
• AttachedToOpportunies control popup menu was not opening
• The opportunity attached in a custom table was not populating
• PICKLIST control was not apllying the filter from the top row.

Fixes in
• Correct history count on the Company Details page
• If an Opportunity Process is marked Not Active then those stages are not displayed in the filter panel
• Detail View button In Opportunity List View
• Inactive users in calendar view were still showing up in the side-by-side mode
• In the task list the recurring column was not populating
• When using saved criteria on the company list sometimes the criteria filter was not being used correctly
• Occasional blank field list in Report Designer when using a complex SQL string
• If a user had renamed a field multiple times field may not be displayed in the Impact field picker

Fixes in
• On the Company details page the history count was incorrect.
• Notes and history filter rows is now working.
• When the group option is ON in the report list the reports were not being grouped.
• The filter row comparison operator now defaults to 'Contains" ( It was 'Starts With") .
• Filters were not being applied on custom tables in a tab.
• The count on the Group tab indicator was growing each time the user navigated to a new contact.
• When editing a custom table record from the tab on the contact details view the list was refreshing multiple times.
• If the list view was sorted on a field which was removed from the list view under some conditions the list would appear blank.
• The custom table list was empty if sorted by "Last Edited By" "Record Creator" or "Record Manager".
• When grouping on a report users had to change a setting to make it stick. This is now automatic!
• Lookup single contact was always returning to the DETAILS view even if the user clicked on the LIST VIEW
• Company fields on an appointment on the calendar where not displaying
• The templates on the Opportunity PRINT button were not in alphabetical order