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Dymodule addon

Dymo Module for Act! 

Quickly print labels to your Dymo Printers

DYMO Module is an addon that supports the latest version of Act!.

You can preview your label and change the label properties before printing,
or quickly print a label using the most recent settings

  Introduction 1 min. 
  Mapping fields 1 min.

  Options 1 min.

  Multiple labels 1 min.

  Record History 1 min.

  Edit Address 1 min.


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Print Dymo labels from Act
Supports 550, 550 Turbo, 5XL, 450, 450 Turbo,
450 Twin Turbo, 450 Duo and 4XL

Version Note Initial Release. Fixed the "could not find the map" issue.
  Supports Contact List View printing multiple labels at once. Added option for a Carriage return between lines.
  Fixed 'Value can not be null.' issue. Fixed 'Object Reference" if the user changed field names.
  Fixed 'Object Reference" issue on international DBs.
  Added a diagnostics switch for support.
  Added a field under the label to record the history details.
(Visible when “Create History” option ON)
  The [Edit] button allows you to manually edit the address.
(To edit the label layout please use the Dymo app.) Added option to print the comma in the 'Edit Address' option