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Welcome to the new ImpactAct.com
With Durkin Computing add-ons for ACT!, managing, enhancing and getting more out of your Swiftpage ACT! software has never been easier! We are a Swiftpage Authorized Partner specializing in ACT Add-ons and modules. With our add-ons you can create data-entry forms and custom tables, stay on top of your project schedule, keep in touch with your contacts and manage your sales and opportunity pipelines.

What’s the different between an add-on and a module for Swiftpage ACT?
They are the same thing. In the world of ACT!, end-user have come to know a piece of software that expands ACT! functionality as add-ons. Impact for ACT! add-ons go way beyond the single nature of any add-on. Our add-on suite has a single installer allowing you to turn on or off individual add-ons much like a modules in an accounting package. You want a crisper easier to read calendar, turn on the calendar module. You want a color coded contact list, turn on the contact list module. Impact Suite for ACT! allows the administrator a single point on control for all add-ons and modules for every user. It’s really that simple, a singular admin control panel accessible from any workstation.

What modules are available?
Great question. I always answer with a question, "What View in ACT! do you live in?" We have add-ons for every view in ACT! and then some. Our add-on modules enhance these views; Contact List, Company List, Groups List, Opportunity List, Calendar Views, Task List and shortly we will be adding the Notes List, History List and Relations List modules. You can even build your own list view using a custom table designer. Let's not forget the new Dashboards and report designer either.

Why buy an add-on module for ACT?
Basically, the short answer is... more productivity. Sometimes ACT! fall short of your business practices. That's where Durkin add-ons can step in. Add-ons can increase productivity such as enhancing the opportunity list view or the calendar view in ACT! Impact Add-ons can also allow you to capture business data you never thought of before. With our custom table add-on you can capture ANY type of data such as services schedules, project tracking, inventory or human resources. In fact we have designed over 30+ kick start templates to get you up and running in minutes.

Quickly capture your own data
It's more important than ever for your business to capture business information and intelligence. Now Durkin's ACT! Add-ons and modules makes it easy to create your own custom tables using Durkin’s custom table designer tools. You can have a custom table designed and built in minutes, even if you've never attempted to create a custom table before. It's easy to use Durkin’s custom table designer add-on by dragging and dropping fields, images and other text controls directly onto your form. Try it free for 30 days , tell us what you think!
  A professional look made easy
Impact Suite has over 30+ starter custom table templates which are fully functional, and incorporate basic label, fields and dropdown boxes that are appropriate for the type of business. Use an existing template design as your starting point, making building your custom table much easier. Many users install a template and start working today. While others heavily customize a template so suite their business needs. Either way one of our custom table templates is going to save you valuable time to get up or running quickly. View the add-on templates

Fast, flexible custom table building add-on for ACT!
Our custom table add-on has powerful and robust forms designer. With this designer you can easily create simple text boxes or complex lookup fields such as part numbers from any other custom table. Building your data-entry form will never be easier. We have 18 standard field types such as character, date, decimal, memo, numbers and yes/no fields to choice from. We have included parent-child fields, container controls like tabs and group boxes, custom controls for multi-line, currency or incremental number generation and specialized controls for Google mapping to file and folder pickers to name a few. View the add-on designer

Impact is more than the sum of its parts
Impact, as you may have read by now, can add some truly amazing functionality into ACT! by Swiftpage. Using the custom table add-on you can add a ‘project tracking’, 'technical support', 'resource management', 'customer management' 'inventory controls' or track ongoing events such as construction, installations, training classes or sales and opportunities. Using Impacts calendar add-on you can color code and enhance the calendar view allowing your to display users side-by-side. With both add-ons you can now track ongoing custom events directly on your calendar view! You can have event information displayed on your task list view allowing you to group like tasks together by the ‘project name’. Really cool stuff happens when you use the add-on in conjunction with each other. Let’s take this a step further. Maybe you need to capture more information about an activity such as ‘hours billable’ or a ‘travel code’ for the accounting department. Using the custom table designer you can add new fields on your ‘Edit Activity’ window and these new fields will be viewable in the task list add-on and the calendar view add-on.

Have a professional analyze and design your business needs
Do you want a custom table designed to your business specifications, but you either find the prospect just a little bit intimidating or you don't have the time to try it yourself? Durkin’s consultants can analyze your business needs, design your data-entry form, and build it for you. They're a very experienced team of professional ACT! certified consultants adept at helping walk you through what you want in a business. And once it's built, they'll even train you how to keep it up to date, so changes you have made will help your business succeed long after it is initially created. Just give us a call at 1-973-625-1119, and we'll handle everything. Read our training materials

"Customer Quotes"

“I installed Act! and Tables List Plus at a client and they are very pleased, as they have come from Sales Force and [Impact Suite] is saving them a lot of money. It has paid for itself in 3 months.”

Rob Dixon   read more quotes

Featured Template - Donation Tracking

Track Donations and Pledges in your act! CRM using Impact Suite. Track payments made against the pledge. Simple list view and data entry forms.
Custmizable fields, charts and reports available.

read more about donation tracking