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Impact Suite for Act!

Durkin Addons for ACT! features:

Tighter Data Coupling with ACT's SQL backend

  • Data mining: You can define simple or complex conditions that can be used to filter, format, group, tabulate or find rows in ACT! which conform to any criteria. All these features together help you analyze data from different perspectives and summarize it into useful information - information that can be used to increase revenue, cut costs, or both.
  • Math Functions: Sum or count values in a ACT! columns directly on the screen. No need to run complex reports. All ACT! addons support math functions built into each column like displaying the group counts "State: NY (11 contacts)" or currency total "Totals for  Sales Team Alpha ($156,000)". These functions can add totals and counts at the bottom of each column of any field using aggregate function including: Count, Sum, Average, Min, Max, StdDeviation, ValueCount.
  • Deeper ACT! data integration: All of our ACT! addons have deeper data integration then the native ACT! list. For example: we display the actual notes text rather than a simple icon;  all the contact names are listed on an appointment rather than "<Multiple Contacts>" and we can display more than 10 users at one time on the Task List and Calendar View ( a limitation in the current ACT! 10 product).
  • Expandable Data: Most Durkin ACT! addons support expandable rows to display secondary information like any ACT! contact fields when viewing the tasks or product names when viewing an opportunity. Viewing this data on screen is not possible in ACT! And can only be obtained by running a complex ACT! report.  Our ACT! addons not only display this information but also print, export, subtotal, format and sort it.

ACT! Interface Appearances Enhancements

  • ACT! Interface: All impact Products for ACT! are embedded inside of ACT!'s interface and use windows installer compliant standards. No need to run multiple applications or launch external programs once ACT! is launched. All addons can be easily installed and uninstalled in seconds. You can even 'toggle' between our addons and ACT's native view simply by going to our "About" window and turning off the master switch.
  • New  Toolbar: The ACT! addon toolbar is displayed at the top of each view. This new toolbar handles all of the additional features that are included with the product. You can also right-click to expose our popup menu in ACT!.
  • Appearance: Our ACT! addons offer many advanced formatting features that will give you total control over how data is displayed. Cell, and Row Level conditional formatting can be done effortlessly using "Color Rules" like "IF Id/Status = 'Customer' display as GREEN".
  • Drag & Drop: You can drag and drop any column remove it.  You can also drag columns to the left or the right without opening any 'design' windows. These column positions will be automatically saved in your user preference files and you can even have multiple column sets/layouts.
  • Column Formatting: Users can change many properties of each ACT!  column such as: Caption, Character casing (Upper/Lower), format string and input masks for phone number or Social Security numbers.  Some of the formatting options are independent of the ACT! Database, like the ability to truncate currency. ( $18,200 rather than $18,200.00 )  Users can also display math functions to generate totals and counts on the last row.
  • Expanded Popup Menus: Our right-click popup menus support all ACT's native features and appends our new features to it. To expose these expanded menu features right-click anywhere in ACT!. 

New features in ACT! unique to Durkin Addons

  • Multiple Layouts: You can design and save multiple column sets/ layouts. You then can quickly switch between these "Column Layouts" by a simple popup window. Create an save your own sets for reporting or exporting.
  • Color Rules: Our ACT!  addons allow you to colorize all your rows with simple rules. These color rules are automatically applied to all the ACT! rows matching the rule.  Colorize rows like 'Prospects to be called'. Extract hidden information like 'Decision Maker(s)' in ‘New York’.  Cell, and Row Level conditional formatting can be done effortlessly using Color Rules (Format Conditions)
  • In-line editing: Our in-line editing feature in ACT! is on ALL of our addons including Opportunity List Plus. Our in-line editing support “built-in” editors like: Textbox, CheckBox, Calendar DropDown, Combo* and DropDown Controls. The dropdown are prefilled with user defined list values from ACT!.  Never go back to the details window or double-click to open and edit window to make a simple date change again. Edit any value with one click or toggle edit mode on and off.
  • Advanced docking: By using our movable filter panel feature, the user can easily auto hide or dock any panel, permitting better use of the application workspace in ACT!.  Panels can be hidden or stretched to the height of the ACT!  window, or moved and docked to the left or right for easier access. In our Task List Plus addon you can display all users just to the side of your list. Now you have the instant ability to select more then 10 users and see who is selected!
  • Dual Monitor: ACT! by default does not support mulitlpe or dual monitors. All durkin addons for ACT! do! Did you ever want to drag your calendar or opportunities to your second monitor? Now it’s possible with our addons. We support dual or multi monitored hardware configurations. 

ACT! Data Sorting, Group & Filtering

  • Sorting Data: Our ACT! addons sort your data up to 4 levels deep - directly from on your screen, while displaying a grouped condition that is filtered by an unlimited number of fields.  Try running that as a ACT! report.  And you can do it in seconds, save it and recall it in an instant!
  • Grouping: Our ACT! addons allow group similar rows together using our group feature while sorting and filtering in real-time. This feature gives the ability to organize ACT!'s information and display that information in an effective manner. Groups support sub-totals and record counts.
  • Filtering Row: All are ACT! addons have a simple yet very effective filter row at the top of the list. This row allows you to quickly search on multiple conditions from the top of multiple ACT columns. Filters can be saved and re-applied. Some of our addons have additional filtering capabilities like Opportunity List Plus's ability to filter on Product Name or SKU numbers.
  • Tag Mode: Now that you have selected the perfect subset, you can tag and un-tag  to create a lookup. If you want to select multiple rows to export that do not share common lookup criteria, use the tag mode to create and save your own exported lists.  Contact List Plus has the additional functionality of saving that subset to be recalled at a later time.

Document Production to PDF, MS Word or RTF

  • Merging documents: Some Durkin addons for ACT! come with an enhanced word processor called Verb for ACT!. This word proecessor is highlt specialized for AC!T and allows the users to merge additional ACT! fields not available in ACT's native word processor. These fields can be from the Company, Groups, Opportunities or Activities tables. This is an excellent feature when trying to merge the 'Company Address' onto an invoice or quote in ACT!.
  • Additional Templates: In our Opportunity List Plus product Verb for ACT! allows the users to select from a user-defined list of templates, not just the 'quote.adt' template supplied with ACT!  You can now have "Quotes Internal" versus "Quote" and each template will have its own formatting and merge fields.

Printing & Exporting data from ACT!

  • Print in Color: Print your ACT! data and calendar in color. Our print functions easily achieve WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) printing of the active view in ACT!
  • Export to Excel: One button export from ACT! to Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, HTML or XML formats. Simple click the 'Export' button and give your export file a name.  The new export file will auto-open in the program of your selected format. (XLS, DOC, HTM or XML).  This a very handy when coupled with our tag feature.
  • Row Height: If you are displaying a large ACT! notes/details field our addon will automatically increase the rows height to display all the text you entered. User can also change the height of the header caption. (Not available on all addons yet)
  • Row or Card View: All of our addons for ACT! support two styles of viewing: Row Style or Card Style. Row Style is what you expect in a list- a scrollable list of rows. Card Style is more in-tune with the Outlook business card style.  To change the layout style from card view to row or back click on the icon on the toolbar.